Fire Safety Equipments


» The usage of Fire Equipments as Alarm system, Fire Extinguishers, their servicing etc in any organization
   or housing society has become mandatory.

» We give planning and all type of logistic support with different type of Fire related Equipments and their
   after supply servicing.

» Our products are branded with ISI approval.


» A comprehensive collection of safety signs for all areas of the workplace..


» Plain Stickers


» Fluorescent Glow Stickers that can be seen even during dark.


» One can assure safe evacuation passage guideline by use of this safety sign ages.


» We also offer Special Sign ages computer printers that can be used to make Safety Signs as per
   the requirement of an organisation.


» Emergency lighting is a basic component of your emergency preparedness kit.


» Durable, environmentally friendly.


» Helpful in preventing or assisting in an emergency.


» With Glow Lights you'll feel more secure about protecting you and your work place.

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Our Products
PPE and Workplace Safety Personnel Decontamination Facility
Safety Helmets Spill Kits and Asorbents
Eye and Face Safety Protection Health Safety Equipments
Hearing Safety Protection Ultrasonic Machines
Respiratory Safety Protection Fire Safety Equipments
Body Safety Protection Landscape Maintenance
Hand Safety Protection Fogging Machine
Foot Safety Protection First Aid Kit
Fall Safety Protection    
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